We are Team Pocket Reform. We are building a modular, open-source mini computer that is upgradable and repairable by yourself.

Every day millions of electronic devices are thrown away because they get old and become worn out. Usually it’s only one of the components that is causing the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away. Simply because electronic devices are not designed to last.

At the same time computing is necessary almost every single moment of our lives, but we have no control over the devices that enable such computation. Pocket Reform envisions a world in which the user has the power to modify, repair and control their own device. It is a world in which electronics have a long life and don’t end up in a landfill easily.

It is time for a change towards a more circular design which enables a responsible and independent way of production and consumption.

Pocket Reform is designed as part of the Circular Economy. Circular Economy is a way to design, manufacture and use things within planetary boundaries. That means we not only aim to design Pocket Reform as an accessible, repairable and upgradable device but also that our whole business and us as a team follow a repair-reuse-recycle approach. To make this happen innovation design collaborative think out loud teamed up with MNT Research, a studio with expertise in open hardware development.

Currently we got funded by the Berlin Start-up scholarship which allows us to work full-time on our idea making a productive and self-determined contribution to shaping the future.

Follow our journey and be part of the change. ☺

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